Nurse Mentoring, Nurse Preceptor, NCLEX tutoring

  • Course Length: In person
  • Time: 2 hours minimu
  • Formats: In person/Zoom
  • Language: Available in English

    Description: Nurse Mentoring

    Nurse mentors are needed to provide guidance and share their clinical experiences to help new nurses gain confidence in their roles. A nurse mentoring is an experienced practitioner who volunteers to serve as a role model, advocate, and motivator to help a new nurse acclimate to the workplace. Mentors have an impact on the nursing profession as well as patient care. They provide nurse mentees with more support and more education, and this translates into a thriving workforce that improves the safety and care environment that patients experience.

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      Description: Nurse Educator Preceptor

      Those who are seeking a master’s in nursing education and need practicum hours with a Nursing Professor. The preceptor will provide transformational leadership for the student new role as a nurse educator.


      • Possesses and demonstrates broad knowledge.
      • Explains the basis for actions and decisions.
      • Answers learner questions clearly and precisely.
      • Open to conflicting ideas and opinions.
      • Connects information to broader concepts.
      • Communicates clear goals and expectation.
      • Captures learners’ attention.

      Description: NCLEX Tutor

      I have a have a Masters in Nursing Education and current doctoral student. I provide NCLEX tutoring for fundamentals, Medical Surgical, Pharmacology, mental, Infection Control, Pediatric Nurse, leadership, documentation, mental health, management, BLS, ACLS. My goal is to help nursing students pass the NCLEX through private tutoring or small group tutoring. I am available to help nursing students with school assignments, care plans, study for exams, case studies, and other nursing topics. Nursing skills lab available on site.