ALF CORE Training Class

400.00 per person (3-day class)

  • Course Length: In person
  • Time: Allow approximately 26-hour training.
  • Regulations covered: Elder Affair Requirement’s/ Curriculum
  • Formats: In person
  • Language: Available in English

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How do I become an assisted living administrator in Florida?

  1. Be 21 years of age;
  2. Have a high school diploma or a GED;
  3. Take a 26-hour course (ALF Core training class) from a trainer registered with the AHCA;
  4. Receive completion certificate after passing practice test.
  5. Pass a state competency exam; and.
  6. Pass a level 2 background screening (available at this location)

ALF Core Training class is designed for prospective assisted living facility administrators in preparation of taking the state mandated competency exam and meets the requirements in Florida Statute 429.52 and Florida Administrative Code 59A-36.011. This program is approved for 26-hours of nursing home administrator and nursing continuing education credits and is reported directly to CE Broker.

Upon completion of the training, students must register with for exam. The exam is a separate fee from this course. Must have copy of completion certificate at time of registration.